Csipike – The Communist Pipsqueak (Cristian-Dan Grecu)

October 26, 2018 / #Brochures

The images drawn by Livia Rusz (sometime in the early 1960s) have been entirely rearranged in order to invent a new story, with a narrative and rhetorical style which are unusual for children’s literature. This is a brochure for each and every child, even more so for the naughty and rebellious ones. Csipike’s story contains moments of self-reflection, trials of love, and fearless battles. The little pipsqueak’s adventures are an ideal bed-time tale for everyone. The only thing that we ask of you – and this is very important – is that after you will have read this brochure you too will think about your life and how it stacks up against the one envisaged by Csipike, our tiny hero with a heart of gold.

Publication Date: 9 May 2018 (in Romanian)
Title: Csipike – The Communist Pipsqueak
Author: Cristian-Dan Grecu
Format: A5
Number of Pages: 20
Colour: black and white
NOTE: The cover is in a different file so that it can be printed on coloured paper (recommended).
Translations: This brochure is also available in Romanian.