Our economical policy

Everything we do is available for free, in various formats, on our website: pagini-libere.ro. We want to give anyone with access to the internet the opportunity to print the texts we publish by whatever means they choose – whether they choose to print them at a print shop, at home, on their personal printer, at work or at college.

Of course, we print all our publications because we are aware and conscious that not everyone has the economic possibility or the time to do it. We aim to decommodify the distribution of our materials as much as possible as part of our anti-capitalist ethos. Unfortunately we still live in capitalism. The recommended donation, in the case of printed materials, helps us to decommodify for as many people as possible the materials we put out. It allows us, for example, to cover printing costs, but also to donate copies to public libraries or to people who cannot afford to contribute a donation but want the texts.

As we don’t earn anything monetarily from this, only the satisfaction of spreading ideas that can build an egalitarian, free and anti-authoritarian society, we want the publishing house to be economically self-sufficient, and to be able to support itself, to which we add our time and availability. So far we have succeeded in doing this. The moment we feel this is no longer possible we will do our best to keep our principles alive and applicable. As such, the economic policy of the publishing house is a policy that can change based on your needs and ours, but also on the socio-economic and political conditions in our cities and regions.

In short, we try to be as aware and conscious as possible of as many individual and group socio-economic variables as possible. We will also try to take into account the needs of those who wish to have access to our texts and what we produce in physical format.

We hope that together we can find new, inclusive, accessible and equitable ways of thinking and implementing a more functional and democratic economic model. The principle we start from and would like to cultivate in our work is to have no strings attached in terms of access to our collective’s publications and to be able to enjoy what we do, as we do it.