Science Popularization and Romanian Anarchism in the Nineteenth Century (Cosmin Koszor)

June 11, 2019 / #Brochures

In the second half of the nineteenth century the notes of Michael Bakunin were printed as Dieu et l’État [God and the State] aiming to hammer a nail both through the authority of supernatural divine forces and in the heart of the state apparatus. Soon in various European peripheries, various anarchist followers brought a third dimension to his credo, namely, to liberate the minds of workers and peasants through means of science popularization. By opposing liberal bourgeois scientific discourses, the relationship between science and anarchism was seeking individual self-emancipation, women’s liberation and at the same time, as their popularizing literature managed to yield alternative printing platforms, to construct a critical scientific public sphere

Brochure publication date: June 2019
Title: Science Popularization and Romanian Anarchism in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Cosmin Koszor
Description: Historically, the practice of science popularization and anarchism were both strongly rooted in Enlightenment philosophy within which knowledge stood as an important pillar. In the long run towards state decentralization, the anarchist view was clear: knowledge was power, therefore science should be available for all, regardless of one’s social status or intellectual capabilities.
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