Tattoos not Borders (20-22 May 2022)

Facebook event:

First and foremost, Tattoos Not Borders is part of the wider network of actions of solidarity with all refugees fleeing from wars and political oppression. Secondly, it is an action of struggle against all forms of detention which states are continuously orchestrating in the name of social and national security.

Therefore, we warmly invite everyone to come and get a tattoo, enjoy the daily activities or read zines concerning the current situation during a three-day event. All the funds gathered will directly support collectives and groups actively resisting wars and working to help refugees and political prisoners, namely Nimeni nu e Ilegal, Operation Solidarity, ABC Poland and ABC Belarus.

The only war we support is the war against imperialism and nationalism! Transnational Solidarity Is Our Weapon!

—Tattoo artistx—

Macab Tattoo –
Mate –
Pretty Hate Machine – Paula –
Carolina –
Rares –
Capră –
A++Void –
clemoono –

Prices will be decided by the tattoo artists depending on your chosen matter. Be sure you choose something of reasonable size, so that everyone will get the chance to have a tattoo.

If you want to get tattooed, you will find each artist’s portfolio at the event. If you already have an idea, you can contact an artist beforehand to make an appointment.

—Concerts, parties, discussions and workshops—


Let us know if you would like to come and play a benefit concert or organize a discussion / workshop during the event.


Vegan food, Infoshop, Open Library and Distro.


A-casă space. Războieni 60, Cluj

Come and support all the refugees and leave no one behind. Let’s destroy borders and imperialism together!

During the event, we will not tolerate racist, sexist, xenophobic, nationalist and hate speech behaviors!


Dacă nu poți participa la eveniment, dar dorești totuși să ne susții, poți să faci o donație aici: