Essential Strike Manifesto for the 8th of March (E.A.S.T.)

January 25, 2021 / #Brochures

We are the women who are essential for the healing of the entire world from the pandemic. We are doing essential work and yet we find ourselves in miserable conditions: our work is underpaid and undervalued; we are overworked or jobless; we are forced to live in overcrowded places and to constantly renew our residence permits. We face a daily struggle against male violence, at home and in our workplaces. We are fed up with these violent and exploitative conditions and refuse to remain silent! We started organizing together in a network that connects struggling women, migrants and workers in Central, Eastern and Western Europe: this is Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational (EAST). On the 8th of March we call all who struggle against capitalist, patriarchal and racist violence to join our strike!.

Brochure publication date: 21 January 2021
Title: Essential Strike Manifesto for the 8th of March / A nélkülözhetetlen sztrájk március 8-i manifesztuma / Manifestul grevei esențiale de 8 martie
Author: E.A.S.T. – Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational
Format: A5
Pages: 20
Colour: black and white