About the group. Who we are

Pagini Libere (Free Pages) is a non-hierarchical, decentralized and autonomous publishing collective. Our goal is to publish books, brochures, fanzines etc. in Romanian, and sometimes in other languages as well, with the aim of popularizing and inspiring alternative visions and practices to the current capitalist and authoritarian system. To this end, we will try to cover as many themes, subjects, and paradigms as we can: from political, ideological or historical books to prose, poetry, essays and do it yourself manuals.

Organising principles

Pagini Libere is not a closed collective, but open to anyone wishing to participate, to support and contribute to our editorial activity. We are guided by the principles of mutual aid and collaboration and driven by our desire to enjoy what we do. We are not hierarchically organised, nor do we run our activity by the idea of profit.

We reject any and all authoritarian and discriminatory attitudes, we value individual and group autonomy, self-organization, initiative, and debating and consensus reaching are part of our day to day decision making practices.

Editorial lines

In our activity we don’t start from the idea that we have to agree 100% with the messages that we publish and distribute.

We feel that no paradigm, no perspective is so perfect that it does not warrant any criticism or debate. Also, we will try to resist the temptation to limit ourselves and to create rigid definitions or norms for what we want to publish, thus encouraging collaboration and creative involvement and participation from those who wish to join us. The main condition is that the proposed texts do not use or encourage hateful and discriminatory language and they do not promote oppressive or authoritarian ideas, regardless of their sources or ideological background.

Our collective will initially try to revive and republish fundamental anarchist literature, from its beginnings (classical anarchism) to contemporary works, which have never been published in our country or those that have been published, but have been forgotten by the general public. One of our missions is to rediscover, reappropriate and and reedit the original texts published by the Romanian anarchists from the middle of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the Bolshevik dictatorship (1947). Also, we will try to research and popularize current libertarian debates and practices.
To conclude, some of the main editorial directions we will be following are: recuperating the local anarchist history and tradition, modern and classic anarchist literature, fiction writings and DIY cookbooks.

About copyright

The anarchist or libertarian tradition has always been one in which pamphlets, clandestine printings or any other type of print have been done incognito and have always been free to circulate. Continuing in this tradition, the texts our collective get out into the world can be used, adapted, modified by anyone, but not for commercial purposes. We ask, as much as possible, that the people who use the texts we publish, or parts of these texts, to specify in a non-intrusive manner the source from which they picked up the respective texts.