Free Pages


Pagini Libere (Free Pages)  is a libertarian editorial collective active since January 2018.

We are an informal, anti-authoritarian collective and we are guided by the principles of solidarity, mutual aid and equality.

Our aim is to offer publications (books, pamphlets, zines, etc.) in languages used locally (Romanian, Hungarian) or internationally (English, French, etc.), with the idea of popularizing and inspiring alternative visions and practices to the current system. A very important dimension of our work remains the popularization of local anti-authoritarian histories. We try to cover as wide a variety of themes and approaches as possible, depending on internal/external initiatives and availability.

We are not a closed group, but not entirely open either. Our guiding principle is affinity.

Rather than expanding as a group we would like to create a network of individuals and groups with whom we can (co)work towards various common goals. Whether it is your projects or ours, we want to get to know translators, editors, graphic artists dedicated to spreading libertarian and anti-authoritarian ideas through their work.

We also try to support those friendly collectives and initiatives who want to produce their own books, pamphlets, zines, etc. An important component of our editorial and political practice is the free sharing of knowledge and resources.

The libertarian tradition has always been one in which pamphlets, books, manifestos, etc. have circulated freely, unfettered. In this tradition, the materials published by us may be used, adapted or modified by anyone who wishes to do so, but not for commercial purposes. As much as possible, we ask people who use materials published by us or parts of them to specify the source.