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Coarse portrait of an ordinary agro-nihilist (M.E.K.A.N.)

I find it amusing to morph something as humourless and self-important as “nihilism” into something self-ironic and ambivalent and, in this form, to harness it to my own projects. This mutant nihilism aims to be fluid, jolly, playful and gregarious and leaves behind the carceral Luna Park of the city to invent games about autonomy on the land.

Oh, how they beg!

Yes, you’ve probably heard them on TV, on the radio, or read about their pitiful cries on financial sites, in open letters addressed to government



Interview with R. from Ⓐcasă

*** The present interview was initially published in Bună – Zeitschrift für Befreiung & Emanzipation – nicht nur in Rumänien, a german anarchist magazine, in 2018. Edited