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Support Ⓐcasă!

Help our community to make our new social space in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) functional and to open it for the public again soon!

Help us reach our 3,000 euros target to overcome the difficult moment we find ourselves in: we have moved to a new location in March 2020, right as the pandemic hit, and have been doing renovation work since, having been unable to open the space to the public or engage in the activities that had allowed us to be economically self-sufficient previously.

What is A.casă?

We are a horizontal autonomous and anti-authoritarian collective from Cluj, Transylvania. Since 2013 we have worked together to keep open and maintain a radical social center in our city. This place has been a meeting point and an organising space for several local political and alternative groups which would otherwise have a hard time finding other spaces to use for free. Participation in all of our activities is free of charge and open to anyone who does not engage in discriminatory or opressive behaviours.

The current situation

Just as the pandemic hit Romania, we have moved A.casă to a new location, a bigger, better-suited place for our activities, which can host more diverse activities and groups. Until now, we have mostly relied on donations from our public events and social gatherings to cover the costs for the maintenance of the space. However, in the past year, due to the pandemic, this hasn’t been possible. On top of that, in order to have a functional house we need to make some urgent repairements, so now we find ourselves in need of help.

We need your support

We started this crowdfunding campaign in order to raise 3000 euros to help us get by through this year. We will use the money to cover the following big expenses:

– To fix the roof of the house and the water drainage system. They are old and leaking all the time.

– To do minor rehabilitation works that the house needs in order to function as a comfortable place for our activities (mainly fixing the floors and walls, the heating, sewage and electricity systems).

– To cover the costs for the van, which is an old piece of scrap that keeps breaking down, but which is constantly used by different initiatives to move stuff and people around.

– To cover the monthly bills as well as other expenses that come along the way.

If you can’t make a donation, you can always give us a helping hand on site, donate materials or spread the word about A.casă and this campaign!

Other groups and activities:

– GRAI, a group providing DIY interpretation equipment in transnational meetings and events

– Robin Hoodie, offering legal support for activists

– Cultivă Orașul, a grassroots urban agriculture initiative

– a szem, a radical cultural journal of social criticism from the Hungarian-speaking minority

– Editura Pagini Libere, a non-hierarchical, decentralized and autonomous publishing collective

– LMA, a DIY punk collective

Without this place, we and our comrades would not have been able to organise a whole range of activities: three editions of Laolaltă festival, workshops, skill sharing, movie screenings, political debates, solidarity events, food not bombs, an anarchist and queer feminist library, and so on.

Last but not least A.casă is a space to hang out, have a drink, exchange ideas, chat and meet like-minded people. The A.casă social center is especially welcoming anyone from marginalized communities and minorities. It has always been important for us to keep the space autonomous – free of any institution, binding sponsorship, political party, as well as discriminatory and opressive behaviour.