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Escape, Resistance and Solidarity (just wondering…)


Escape, Resistance and Solidarity



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3 July 2024

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What you’re about to read is a transcript from the animated essay “Escape, Resistance and Solidarity – Farmed Animal Sanctuaries as the Heart of the Movement”, created and produced by just wondering… The zine also contains footnotes, selected illustrations, an afterthought with self-critique and questions for further discussion.

Animals running away from factory farms need all the support they can get, from activist protesters to caregivers in vegan sanctuaries. In this film you’ll hear about actions of escape and animal resistance, such as those of Matilda the pig, but also those of Tilikum the orca, Tatiana the tiger, and Tyke the elephant. You’ll find an exploration of what animal sanctuaries are, what they try to achieve, what tensions they bring forward, and what possible futures they help materialize. And, by raising the voices of the Cuori Liberi antispeciesist activists from Italy, as they were defending the lives of pigs inside the sanctuary from the forces of the state, the film navigates just how entangled animal and human liberation are.