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Love in the time of Coronavirus

Pandemic and coronavirus (Covid-19) are the words used almost everywhere around the world. The fear is real and it’s spreading like wildfire with every passing second.

But, in times of panic and fear, we should not fall prey to the fearmongers who profit off the disgusting panic shows they put on tv or on different social media platforms. Although they are not held accountable for what they say, for the messages they transmit, they pose as much of a threat as the virus itself. It is when we lose our rational mind that we start acting chaotically and start being a danger to our families, friends and communities.

We have seen these past few weeks how state governments have failed to keep their citizens safe. We have seen how the capitalist markets can crumble and fall at the first sign of a crisis, leaving hundreds of thousands without jobs around the world or at the risk of losing their jobs. And what happens? They shout for the all mighty state to save them. And just like in 2009, we can see that the measures taken by states will be in the benefit of the bosses, leaving us, the rest, to hope that they will continue to keep our jobs open.

So it’s up to us to save ourselves. Yes, we should take this virus pandemy seriously, yes, we should rely on medical specialists to provide adequate assistance for those affected, but just like with other virus pandemics and epidemics it’s important to keep calm and be aware that our rational mind will be the one that will help us take the decisions that may end up saving our lives. Still, it is solidarity and empathy, elements of our true humanity, that will help us make others understand that we are all in this together. Isolation is the key, so spread the word.

P. A.