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Oh, how they beg!

Yes, you’ve probably heard them on TV, on the radio, or read about their pitiful cries on financial sites, in open letters addressed to government officials through social media sites. Yes, you know about them. They didn’t plan for this crisis, they never expected this. Things were going well for them, how could they have known? But now they need help.

No, we’re not talking about the workers, the jobless, the immigrants, the destitute, we’re talking about the bosses, entrepreneurs as they like to call themselves or business owners, the wealth owners around the world, they are the ones pulling their hair and begging the almighty state to help them out.

Sure it’s been more than ten years since the last economic crisis, sure economies have grown year after year, creating so much wealth around the world that some of the top billionaires are worth more than some countries. Think about it, Jeff Bezzos is worth more than Slovakia, Ecuador or Puerto Rico. So why didn’t they set up emergency funds for such situations? Greed would be just one of the answers. Now they want tax cuts or delays, they want government funds to cover their losses, they can’t dive into their personal funds for this, that’s not how economies work and how entrepreneurs thrive in the free market. Worst of all, they want to dismantle all labor legislation in order for them to dispose of their workers without any repercussions. So they push for flexibility in an already extremely flexible labour legislation (at least when it comes to the Romanian legislation). Damn vultures!

Shouldn’t public money go into the public health system so it has all it needs to fight this virus? Shouldn’t the unemployed who can’t pay their bills be helped to pay them? Why should we care if a hotel that already sent its staff home closes? Shouldn’t the big companies profiting off the coronavirus pandemy be overtaxed? 

Unfortunately governments around the world have already announced that they will help the bosses and we will be left to help ourselves through these tough times. Again, the states and the capitalists help one another, while we, the working class, struggle to stay alive physically and economically. We call for solidarity!