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Refugees in Romania call for solidarity!

Taken from Nimeni nu e ilegal Facebook page

The situation of refugees passing the territories of Romania is getting worse each day. Because of war, famine, poverty, during the year of 2021, groups of migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and other conflict zones are seeking shelter and safe passage through Romania. These groups of people include children and young adults. Unfortunately they are regularly stuck for weeks and months in Romania and especially in the city of Timișoara. As the accommodation of the local transit camp provides inhumane facilities and by having people evacuated without any reason, the refugees are constantly searching alternate shelter spaces (abandoned houses or factories, empty fields etc.) throughout the city. Numerous reports have shown that the local police are in charge with raiding these spaces, which involved beatings and extreme violence, seized their phones and money, while continued with violent illegal pushbacks. Migrants speaking out against the abusive police have confirmed their racist attitudes, both in the streets and inside transit camps saying that: “This is not a transit camp. This is a prison for refugees!”.

Aside from one local aid organization, which provides lunch coupons and showers, there is no much public support. However, others activist groups from across Romania have shown their solidarity by collecting clothes, personal hygiene items, sleeping bags and gave donations for food provision.

Therefore, we call for monetary donations in order to help with food provisions and clothes; these can be transferred to the following account: or at

If you have further questions or initiatives which can support us in any other way please contact us:

Down you can find a downloadable pdf with the flyer which you can print on an A4 and spread around to friends and comrades! Thank you.